Midnight Cat


You must be the night,
all spirit dance and
moon-drenched sable,
melting into a warm sleep
in my arms,
or you are the
heart of night
when it paints us into
shadows and leaves us
dripping fear and
fantasies we want to
know better.
No wonder the ancient
ones set you one
step below the sun;
They must have seen eyes
like yours and wanted
those burning souls
that drank in every drop
of amber that fell
from the day.



Yes, you are the night,
or the night has
followed you
and floats its stars
upon your back,
and dreams with roaring
and sleeps like midnight
air upon my lap.



by Patricia Joan Jones

Author's Notes/Comments: 

First published in "The Baroque Review Magazine".  

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A comment of yours followed mine at Baroque Poetry and prompted me to follow your link here.

I liked the two poems I read ("Crystal Eden" was the other). The titles sparked my interest. The ability to pick good ones is valuable.

"Midnight" has three stanzas of similar length. It used creative methods of description and pleasant sound qualities.

The first half of the first stanza was excellent. I liked the reference of cats as gods.

The theory I follow is to use modifiers (adverbs and adjectives) only as needed, as they detract from verbs and nouns. I found it difficult to do and keep it in mind always.

Let me invite you to my site, much more primitive as I'm learning slowly how to set them up. I would welcome all comments. They can be sent to rjnmag@lycos.com.

Let me also invite you to submit to the QuietPoly Writer's magazine poetry contest. There are no fees and all entries are displayed in the ezine. Visit http://www.quietpoly.com for more information.

I'll bookmark your site and look for you and more of your poems whereever you place them.