One Spark is a Galaxy


For Starward



When I was ready to give up

the tiger swallowtail, 

carrying ideas

on its brassy, breathing


landed on my sorrow,

and I couldn't

imagine what those reinvented

thoughts were and I 

had no idea what to do with

all that cleansing,

but I knew it was different

than what I had, 

and that was enough,


and so was the forest

and the fluid sky, so 

ferocious in their 

unchanging identity,

and the bottomless silence

between it all that is 

made out of kindness and 

an innate need to give, 

and so, I guess it's true:


one life makes all

the difference.


Like the winged oracle

in constant bloom

bringing news of velvet and 

gold to those beaten down by 

too much raw living,


you hand a gleaming scroll to

the brutalized, the social exiles, 

the spirits too fine and precious 

for this world,


and to those hearts

your words are portable fire

they will carry

through their days

and when they are alone in 

the dark—

a darkness that should

annihilate memory but 

spares it just enough—

they will look up at spheres

pinned to a mystery


and remember your name,


and, knowing that Love 

stitches galaxy to galaxy,

and everything,



remember who they are.



Patricia Joan Jones

Author's Notes/Comments: 

An acknowledgment of Starward's Ad Astra series. Not only is it a paragon of artistry, but vital advocacy for victims of irrational hate, censorship and oppression. My gratitude to Starward for his input on the title. 

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all the difference


one life makes all

the difference.


and, knowing that Love

stitches galaxy to galaxy,

and everything,


remember who they are.




And let us remember the name – Starward. Because I know of no one, over the many years… who gives as great as he… of his soul, of his mind, of his time, and of his dedicated contribution – as this one shining star.


And I can’t possibly tell you, how many dark mornings I’ve woke to with no hope for humanity, where this man has left me a beautiful soulful comment, or an exchange of personal messages – and given me a new trail of light, to get me through my day.




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Thank you for sharing such

Thank you for sharing such stirring and much-deserved words of appreciation for our shining star. Every word is beautiful and absolutely true. 

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This is beautiful.... ....

This is beautiful....

.... because you wrote it (always beautiful because you wrote it) and Starward's reply, also beautiful, and the empathy and the gratitude and...all of it... everything about it.  You guys are two more reasons to keep believing in humanity. What a remarkably loving thing to say and do. I'm smiling. I smile a lot when I come here Smile

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I'm thrilled that this

I'm thrilled that this tribute, as well as Starward's beautiful reply, could bring smiles and appreciation. You've been a source of therapy to me as well.  I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for your stunning contributions to this community; they've induced numerous smiles, plus some general feelings of awe and deep admiration for your skill. Thank you for stopping by and leaving such valuable encouragement. Means so much! 

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The inadequacy of my words in

The inadequacy of my words in the presence of this poem is embarrassing to me.  And though you always understand what I mean to say, even if I am not always successful in saying it, I fear that others who are less understanding or tolerant will take my remarks as either self-serving or overly obsequious.

  My Ad Astra series began, and continues to exist, because of your encouragement, your humane compassion, and the example you set (as both a Human Being and a Poet) on Postpoems.  You are not only one of the supreme pillars of this community, you are also a Tower of spiritual illumination to which the Alexandrian lighthouse would be only a trite metaphor.  I can still remember the thrill I experienced, three years ago, when I first read Gates Of Orion, just three days before I was discharged from the hospital; and then, after that, Council Of Stars.  And I realized that everything I had learned about reading Poetry (learned, of course, by a study of Poets deceased well before I approached their words) was demonstrated and exemplified by you, the supremest of Living Poets.  

    And, in choosing to post this poem at this time, you have brought me the answer to an unspoken prayer, at precisely the time I needed that answer.  For that, I thank the Lord and I thank you.

Enjoy effulgent days, and exquisite nights,

unto the exultations of Heaven.


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Having no words is the

Having no words is the sincerest compliment, and I accept it with the deepest gratitude.


I feel that you deserve recognition for your valuable contribution to others, some you are probably not even aware of. Perhaps on a higher plane of existence, you'll fully appreciate the positive impact you've had on "strangers", whether it was your creative ability that gave them a moment's respite from their troubles, an insightful and uplifting comment that reassured them of their value, spiritual inspiration that reminded them of what their soul is up to in this world or acceptance of whatever life path they needed to follow.


My only concern about this poem was that, as you pointed out, mortal words would cast a pale shadow of ultimate truth.


Peace and brightest blessings.

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Thank you for the reply, and,

Thank you for the reply, and, let me say again---gladly---thank you for the poem; but, moreso, thank you for your Poetry which is so essential to this site.  

Enjoy effulgent days, and exquisite nights,

unto the exultations of Heaven.


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It was a supreme pleasure to

It was a supreme pleasure to write this. Thank you as well.