Fire from a Distant Life

I lived a lifetime
inside of a storm.


It was actually one night,
but everything a life should be.


I was born on a glowing strip
of serpent's tongue
that stabbed the distant hills,
and for a moment that
blinding ribbon
knew what it was like
to fly with God,


to split the universe,
to crack open granite skies
and preform signs and wonders


with a sorcery of fire
that filled all of me,
or what I thought was me,
because I was so much more.


Branded with a distant power
I believed, fully,
I could be That . . .

or anything

and I broke apart in that moment,
resurrected in that moment.


"Oh master now, you are all that matters.
I am darkness and I am the
perfect chaos of light"
I almost wrote


and I thought I smelled
smoke, but it turned to
lilacs that burst open in the rain

where an endless slab of ebony
was crushed softly into poetic beads
and a black heaven:


a night ground up
and transformed
above this heavy dream.


And it was all possible there,

in showers, destruction
and belief.



Patricia Joan Jones

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almost spiritual,souls

almost spiritual,souls emerging into god,part of a creation

ron parrish

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Thank you for wonderful

Thank you for wonderful comments. I enjoy your work as well. 

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Oh my goodness...  I am

Oh my goodness... 

I am always captured by Your otherworldly expressions. I find them deep, and fluid, and beautifully composed.  I have loved everything I have read. You are truly gifted, dear Poetess.

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I'm so encouraged by your

I'm so encouraged by your gorgeous comments. I value your opinion. Thank you. 

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a mystical write

a mystical write

ron parrish

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I'm sorry I didn't respond to

I'm sorry I didn't respond to your kind comments earlier. I get busy sometimes and forget to check my poetry sites. I'm very grateful for all your insights and encouragement. 

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no problem,we all have a life

no problem,we all have a life other than poetry

ron parrish