In a Moment of Understanding

The voiceless earth is moving
out of silence
one bud at a time.

Winter was the chain
I dragged to this pale
green motion
when grass is still clean
and still learning,
and I rejoice in forgetting

and I rejoice in the
part of me that carries
all of you around with me

through frail winds
and promises everywhere.

The soul has no clue
about time or space.

Unchained, we reach to
quasars and back to
quantum kingdoms,
strange and revealing,

and in the purity of the unseen

and in the soft love
of these frothy days
I can believe

we are forever beginning
and forever one.

Patricia Joan Jones

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Thank you for stopping by and

Thank you for stopping by and leaving such wonderful feedback.

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nice piece

reminds me, spring is here even if we are still feeling the chills of winter


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