Birthday Letter To My Love

For my husband

Today I just want to let you know that I am so glad that your Mum gave birth to you.
My life wouldn’t be the same without you.
If you hadn’t of been born, then my life would have always felt like something was missing.

There was a reason you were born baby and that was to find me, your soul mate.
Imagine for a second what would have happened if you were born on a different day!!
You wouldn’t have had the life experiences that you have had, and the opportunity for you to come and work in Australia may not have been offered to you if you hadn’t had the work experience that you did over your life. And you wouldn’t have had the drive and determination to achieve all the things that you have achieved. And you wouldn’t have come to Australia or to Mount Isa, and you wouldn’t have met me. Yet here you are by my side,
I am so grateful that your life has taken you where it has. I am grateful that you have experienced the things that you have; the good and the bad, otherwise when you found me maybe you wouldn’t have seen the same values or qualities in me that you see now. You wouldn’t have noticed the love I have for you.

We often wish we could have been born in a different time or place, but there is a reason we came into the world when we did, and the place we were brought into the world.

You know Papa when you tell me about your life experiences it makes me have so much admiration for you. You have achieved so much and you did it from pure determination and hard work. Not many people can say they came from shining shoes to working in a foreign country. Yet here you are, and today I want you to see just what an amazing person you are. I want you to appreciate yourself and your worth.
I want you to know just how amazing and special you really are.
I see you baby!!!
I really see you!!!
And I love you for all that you are and for all that you have achieved. I am sure your Mum is also so proud to call you her son. So proud that she brought into the world a man who would accomplish great things in life.
You were never meant to be a simple farmer Papa; you were destined for greater things from the day you took your first breath.

Be proud of who you are baby, be proud of what you have accomplished in your life so far. We have only one life to live and you can look back on your life and say wow look at me now. And not many people can do that.
You are exceptional, and I am so proud that I have the privilege of loving someone like you.

You’re an inspiration to not only me, but to all that know you!!!
Be proud of yourself today Papa!
Be proud of your life!!!
And have a wonderful birthday
All my love now and always

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this letter to my boyfriend ( now husband) on his birthday. I wanted him to appriciate his own worth. It was a gift of aknowledgement, So he could feel his life had real meaning.

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