Love Across Space

For my husband

With oceans between us,

and hearts afraid

My soul to you,

I have laid.

Trust in me,

With all that you are.

For I will give you,

your dream wife my lover.

I will be there to hold your hand,

I will wear proudly your wedding band.

I will care for you like no others,

And I will please you under the covers.

If you cry,

I will be there to wipe your tears.

When your afraid,

I will ease all your fears.

When your happy,

I will smile like the sun.

Because I see our hearts,

As being just one.

I want to give you children,

Of your very own.

You no longer have to worry,

about being alone.

Even if we argue,

And can't always agree.

You will still,

Be the only man for me.

I asked my self a million times,

Why you love me so.

But then I pray to God,

And the answer I finally know.

For he sent you to me,

He helped you find your way.

And in my arms,

You will be to stay.

You make me laugh,

You make me cry.

I promise you my love,

Till the day that I die.

Come to me now,

With out reservation.

Come to me now,

With out hesitation.

For I will serve you my sweetheart,

With all of my soul.

I will walk beside you,

Till we reach our goal.

And that is our place,

In the heavens above.

Our paradise,

Made from Love.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written for my boyfriend when he went overseas for a long vacation.

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