YDKM (You Don't Know Me)

If you judging me on actions I conclude you don't know me 
Add to that the fact that in my honesty,
Sometimes I get terminally lost and act abnormally 

Who'd knew that the second you acknowledge me
You'll get deeply attached past my anatomy.

At first I didn't really give a fuck, I figured fuck is the use
I professed that if I try it'll be a fucking abuse
Thats the reason why subliminally I cut you loose
But you never gave a reason so I couldn't blame you

Did I do it on intentions? I won't mention it I'm anxious 
Cause really I didn't have the proper answers to your questions 

As of that what did she see in me? 
My actual persona its who I was trying to be 

If all was left to me,
 I'd take our brain and our eyes 

And Overcome not Oversee.

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