Identity of  I 
The thought that made me contemplate who ever I'd see
The vision was blur but yet made me instigate whatever I dreamed 
To my friends and relatives who eventually see the truth in me
By definition there's more to it, made me question did it really describe me

Not really, see I'm a loner
Do I smoke? Maybe let my mind drain but doesn't make me a stoner
Lost inside depths of a monster that surfaces as I grow older
But just as I'm older, Me, Myself and I bond closer

Despite the struggle and way past the rumors and disses
I stay strong postponing the thought of braking into a million pieces 
The idea of hope banished all fears in which many rely
All my time invested in questions asking who am I?  
But really the question is...

Who are you?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by life

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