Everyday I walk in amidst the devotion I keep for you in my heart
Everyday I count the seconds that you and I share apart
Everyday I stare at the colors your love paints in my art 
Everyday I endure the pain that stings cause you're far 
Do you believe dreams come true?
I do!
See that's where our love comes through 
My inane past is a blur now that I have you
We will actually make it, our love won't die
Everyday I fight struggles but I keep you at my side 
Look a little deeper in my eyes
You know my fears
You'll see my tears 
You'll see the side of me you bring out and I can't hide

You make me weak yet strong 
You taught me right from wrong 
Nothing without you feels right, why must it feel this way? 
I feel surrounded by your touch as I think about you everyday 
I see myself beginning to smile now
For you I'm releasing all this love and emotions I had bottled up for a while 

So here I am
Dancing through the rain
Letting my pain wash away 
At first I couldn't believe this was the real me
I know this isn't something you could just find on a tree
I mean this feeling inside me
Letting it all go, letting it all come, Overall you picked me

Now every moment's eternal from this love we both share
You wonder how much I love you?
Past, Present, Future and Eternity is still not enough to compare.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by true events

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