It's a fact that many don't embrace the individual attention we deserve,
It's worth more than words to be loved by someone you also love in return and in return I hope these couple words could help you see.
The affection generated by your spiritual touch it's a feeling that my vast word intellect can't get a hold of, it's like I swallowed a star from outer space and the digestion of it
amplifies  my heart rate for you defining my human state.

As of now I vow to no longer make any mistakes, you're  that shine that provides a glow to my eyes and I can't bear putting that at stake.
So long have I waited for your hugs and kisses there's no way time can prevent the fulfillment of my deepest wishes, 
The lust grows, the love grows, is a feeling that no one has the ability to know.
It's love at its great capacity
It's love that you and I both know was meant to be
It's love so thorough that brings out that hidden person deep within
It's love that no man can take from us nor can't it be stated with a ring.

In your eyes I see my future and I know is meant to last
You bring the best out of me in your eyes I lost my past.
Standing on the altar I envision you there while you become my wife and the rest will just stare.
I loved you yesterday, I love you today, I'll love you forever 
I asked god for an angel and he blessed me with better.

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