Today I write this poem not to knock on your beliefs but to try and put morals on your feet, you see
In the face of all struggles we yet to see the day God will bless us and in the midst of his blessings provide us with accurate wisdom.
We're at war with eachother remaining strong by the hate within eachother maintaining love for eachother seems to be a challenge 
because we depend on hatred to fuel eachother.

We're living under shades so thorough that the sun itself can't penetrate.
We can't help but generate frail affections guiding into paths with no directions, need I say more?
We're present to a generation who don't understand the essence of value, and as of value we value those
Who reinstate pessimism into our views.

Our conscience can confuse us with lust and our will, simply because most are distracted by ignorance which prevents them to fulfill what they infatuate.

This I wrote to install balance to corrupted point of views, and to serve as inspiration for those who cherish their youth.
Ironically the funny ones are trying to clown you, Whatever it is you're struggling for I hope you know you could make it you're bound to.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Based on true events

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