My Place

I had been to this place

where blooms immersed

by the glimmer of the moon

and scent is whiffed across

the vastness of my delirium

Yes! I had been to this place

where blades of the grass

yield to my ironic state

everything else follows me

in search for lost tranquility

Indeed, I had been to that place

where bloom’s scent can be retraced

between the expanse of my space

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 05 Feb. '08

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Afzal Shauq's picture

what a sweet written poem with very much rich idea and the way you did is enough impressive too.. meaningful poem is this one..i went through of your more poems adn found you a good poet... hope you love my peace thoughts too if go through...I am basically a peace wisher poet with 6 books published and 7th is in pilpe line to come..your long comments will be apprecaited and will be part of that book..need your long and strong words support to my peace cause in the globe...