2004 Poetry

the album, which had long been

kept now occupies my void

memories cluster tersely as I

turn the leaf of my tree house:

the omnibus of my past--my life

I noticed that my lips then were

fond of wearing smiles

innocent smiles that would quickly

turn into chortles as soon as

father would play as a clown

Yes! I laugh at almost any funny scene

I still can recall how I was made

to pose those heart-winning smiles:

my father would make funny

gestures and before I knew it,  

a flash of light just passed me by

Now that I have come of age,

the life I used to know seemed

to drag me through the rocky roads,

those I’ve once known amusing

had swiftly escaped my eyes

here I am, alone weighing

the memoirs and moments captured,

predisposed to sedentary as my

album brings back my heydays

written 11/15/2003

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heatherburns35's picture

Your photo album, reminds me of my own.
Oh, to turn back the pages of time.
Would be so awesome. But we must
continue on this journey. I love this
poem. You are very talented.

jgupta's picture

You bet album capture heydays!

blackinkusa's picture

Thanks for the ride...good work!