avoiding traffic

a snake driver

changing lanes

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written 7/9/03

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Which is interesting the haiku form of poetry or my haiku “Snake Driver”? (LoL).

First of all, let me correct myself here. I meant ONJI not SIJO (LoL).
It’s probably time for me to make a SIJO form of poem too.

G. Sny…I’ve roamed in your portfolio long ago; in fact, I’ve critiqued
one or to or three, and I’ve seen you in one or two ezboard sites too. I must
admit you penned very good KU.

Now, as to your hanging question, For me, haiku is all about every thing
One sees. It’s a descriptive type of poem which gives picture (bright or dim,
pleasant or unpleasant, sad or funny, daring or polite) to a visual or imaginary
scenario (nature or whatever). They say KU is an unrhymed 5-7-5 onji; but, there’s
no rule forbidding a poet to write a rhymed KU. So there you have it G. Sny.

Thank you for visiting my site. I’d be happy to see you leave a mark again.

Maraming Salamat.

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Too bad quietness you slacken to include your site or email address so I could email you personally. Nevertheless, I hope this will satiate your curiosity.

Traditionally, Haiku is a 5-7-5 sijo and tackles only but Nature's beauty, since I am not a Japanese to only confine my Haiku to Nature as I am not often in the backwoods to see the freshness of Nature as I live in the Metropolis where you won't find Nature at its best. However, as a freethinker I write everything that strikes my attention. In this particular one and as I've already mentioned, I wrote a scene which I consider a synthetic Nature. A lot may argue with me 'bout the synthetic Nature including yourself, but I am not going to believe that your ambience has always been in the boondocks to inscribe only Nature Haikus. I am ergo concluding that this is the only Haiku you've taken time to read from my portfolio. Needless to put to your attention, but I think the very first Haiku in my portfolio entitled "2 HAIKUS ON FISHING' is a perfect Haiku with, to emphasize to you, only 6 sijo for the first sub-Haiku and 5 sijo for the second sub-Haiku.

I admire those who can pen Haiku with so little words yet so vivid and conceivable regardless of the sijo count.

I thank you for the time you spend critiquing one of my Haikus. I'd be glad for you to come again and have the beauty to write your site or even your email so we could exchange points-of-view. Just remember, I am the type who writes what I want to write and readers can just take it or leave it. And I wouldn't spend money trying to hear what other people would say in school about poetry and literature because they are just reiterating what the books of the early poets and prominent figures in arts had already said.

I wonder what Shakespeare and Basho would have become had they lived in this epoch of revolutionary literature.

Again my sincerest thanks. Come drop by again. ;-)

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I may be wrong, though I doubt it, but this is not haiku.
Haiku is an unrhymed japanese poetic form consisting of 17 syllables arranged in three lines containing
five, seven, and five syllables...