2003 Poetry

you’ve crossed the line

and have chosen

to advance your emotion

you’ve sworn to lay the constellation

before my very eyes

and step on them just as

an exultant queen over

a hard fought battle

but when you commenced

stripping off my undergarments

where you meaning to prove

your love or your hunger for love?

you often say you love me

but tell me really…are your kisses

guarantee my security? Or are they

performed only to enmesh me?

a man is always a man, they say

but am I supposed to be your living

proof that you’re a man?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written 7/9/03

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Ernest Bevans's picture

I often say:
Men are caught by their eyes
and women by the ears...
A man must balance what he
sees by what he hears
and a woman to by what she sees
- even so all things are relative
with love for then we hope and
believe all things.
Your right it is a two edge sword
what should one believe?