2003 Poetry

The E.R. has just lost a rare lady.

She, who had once saved my daughter’s life

and others from the hook of death,

now gone in heavenly peace

Hale and hearty was she, blooming with smile

full of zest and life, but those were just

a projection of what she truly felt inside.

The pain, veiled under those beautiful smiles

I still can envision her usual gait

stethoscope sheathed on her lapel

symbolic of her solemn vocation.

It never failed to function on her patients,

but it slacken to hear those furtive

throbbing in her heart. Her beauty wasn’t

just a pulchritude--hers was beyond what

the eyes could see: a knack in medicine,

science and chemotherapy

Right now, she’s taking a beauty rest

riding in chastise white chariot

ascending above the earth

beautiful as ever--within and without

and she will remain forever like that

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my way of showing my gratitude for a wonderful lady who passed away two months ago due to cervical cancer. She was Dr. Vitug, my daughter's pedia...a beautiful lady gone to become an Angel. written 6/27/03

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Ernest Bevans's picture

A Beautiful elegy -- only love which traveled
in both direction could inspire such admirable
lines of gratitude. I empathize with your lost,
while being moved by your pen. God Bless and
Keep love alive!

 Coffee2's picture

This is beautiful and so touching and I can relate to it
so much. I have had some of the most wonderful nurses
anyone could have. You are so talented. Thank you for this poem..
Love and prayers