2002 Poetry

at ten, the night was as ever dulcet

seating by the window

together, we imbibed the scene of the moment

to marvel the beam of the stars

the patio has slackened from

the echoes of our grandchildren’s mirth

while you, dallying eyes to the splendor

of the milieu,

clasped my hand dotingly

I looked at you in an even

greater love and affection

grayish hair becoming thin on top

and lines are showing the years

that have long gone by

I cupped your face to turn to mine

and you smiled and held me tight

40 years of ups and downs, of

love and hate, of sadness and happiness,

of jealous and faith

“didn’t I tell you we’ll grow old together”?

and I smiled

written 12/0/2002

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I pray a lot for my husband and I to grow old together and still very much in love with one another.

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