2002 Poetry

i am your skin that gives you warm

a shelter amid snow of harm

a coupe that takes you ubiquitously

round and round to wide-ranging glee

i am the hues speckled in your eyes

that gives logic to your unsighted mind

my beam of light beckons your night

it guides you through the unsteady height

i am the wind that hisses on your ears

heavens right under your sunken nostrils

arctic swing that forms dew on your lips

thawing your slabs of doubts and fears

at times i am the pain that shatters your might

an axe so sharp to complement your strife

my fondle may be a thunderous smite

but don’t be sad as i can also be your pride

i am the fluid that falls off your eyes

hauling a grinning angst unto your spine

my dewdrop may be cold and unkind

but believe me everything would soon be fine

day and night i will flicker as a starlight

to summon time to be always by your side

if in this world all you hear is their slurs

worry not for i have made your hut above

written 10-14-2002

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