2002 Poetry

are you scared of a hag?

scruffy golden hair

on broom she takes off

under a full moon

her curves silhouette

do you have trepidation

over a gnome?

minding a treasure vessel

taking every measure

to safe keep unseen pleasure

does a howl of a wolf

brings forth chills to your ears

unknown forces from dark pit

haunting one's thought

'til you can't get a hold

too much to fuss about

too much to fret in mind

illiterate phobias

over these creatures

every night and dark place

they have become your pressure

i havent seen one

i doubt if I'd ever see one

but be always on guard

better watch your back

those creatures

they might just pop up

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Jaz Tempest's picture

Hello, lola margot! Pinoy nga ako at ako'y bata pa lang (just became 15 this Sept. 21).

About your poem, well, beautifully-constructed. "Chilling." But, I am a believer of the paranormal and I believe that everything has a scientific explanation—even religion.