2002 Poetry

Would you give your hands to be tied down?

Without showing any gripe or showdown

Would you let your spirit be drawn to the pit?

When you know you can do something about it

There’re too many things that stands as a hindrance

Too many wants to fetter you as soon as they see a chance

But you can unchain your hands just be very vigilant

You can paint your life in different deals

Deals that will accent your principles and views

You don’t need my opinion on which side to turn

All you have to do is be really concern and seize that turn

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chris's picture

I liked this piece a lot!! Great job, very well done!!
I especially liked the emotions that you were conveying,
I know how you feel.
Great job again.

Ozjan Yeshar's picture

That is another poem that touched me. Great work. Keep the faith.

Ozjan Yeshar