2002 Poetry

Bending a little bit

i eavesdrop fixedly

behind the wall

my hair was rising

as she spoke

of those iniquities

what could be ensuing?

Everyday she has guests

one or two or even more

they seek a lot, I guess

fortune, queries, kismet

elucidation and maybe

including apparition

they want to connect

to the other dimension

specters that only she can

have the dominion to see

which they trust

would be happening

She can cure a disease

can shoo away adversary

can see your tomorrow

can tell you what will

become of you after the morrow

she is what they say she is

a panacea. Is she?

They pay her indubitably

supposing they can obtain

their desired meaning

take the case of a widow

unprepared for his hubby's

sudden demise

a death of a love one

is so difficult to accept

there has to be a medium

for her to see him once more

Death people

do they really come alive?

through a visible

disembodied spirit

whenever she kneels

to call on them

do they really appear?

the same obeisance

she gives when she

implores to God above

This maybe her fate

to hoax and to sedate

for those who pay

carries a satisfaction

but if you will ask me

it’s only pure magic

applauded by the bleak

her only means to survive

the everyday struggle of life

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Ernest Bevans's picture

"it’s only pure magic"
Yes I agree this poem is magic.

like your necromancer you fingers
with a pen makes for good slight of hand
You weave words well!

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