2002 Poetry

Let's pretend we aren?t acquainted

If you see me down the alley

Do not look and smile at me

Eyes are spread like a heap of grass

Keen to have something to prattle to the neighbor

Beware they might just spread something horror

Let's pretend the sky is not that high

Where we can pick the stars anytime

And make ornaments that glide

It will make a good present to have

For your love ones to behave

Let's pretend we aren't friends

As I prefer us to be more that friends

You'd be my beau that I will love to tend

I would always stay around to show I care

Be always there when you need a helping hand

Let's pretend that the third line is true

Will you reciprocate my love with equal gusto?

Will you be faithful and loving and so true?

My love for you knows no bounds

And I will not pretend whenever you're not around

This I keep as a secret, I really wish you were my beau

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