2002 Poetry

     A man, on the brink of insanity

     A country, on the brink of poverty

     The World, on the brink of anarchy

     Planet Earth, on the brink of catastrophe

     The universe, on the brink of Armageddon

     Where would we go?

     Somebody please do something about it

     Mankind's future lies to whoever can save it

     If circumstances continue to be like this

     With no one else to care and be really decisive

     Tomorrow might just be too late to think

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Shaz ...............'s picture

Oh, I hear you mate. I really do. I have the same thoughts, but I think, not trying to be pesimistic, we don't have much hope of someone standing up and saving the world.

But apart from that, your poem is great in the sence, it gets the message right across, strong and clear. Good job!


Ernest Bevans's picture

There is a God listening to your Prayer
and he is not going to wait till it is
too late!

Mary Jane's picture

That was so short and sweet....I can see an entire thought in one line...written very well..thank you for sharing.