2002 Poetry

will you be my shield

when i am out on the field

when everything else is sealed

when adversities are standing still

will you be my brawny white stead

swift to gallop when my foes are behind

eager to chop my head into countless times

will you be my knight in the shinning armor

fearless and daring to brazen out anything

just to ensure my refuge and my family

amidst all the turmoil that engulfs me

will you bear the pain of physical,

of mental, of spiritual, and of

emotional that come along

not to mention all the

humiliation that I

may cause you

once you go

with me

do i hear a voice from your mouth

do i see you nod from any of the above

do I see a smile on your face that looked

very excited prior to my inquiring you these

your promises to me are all but a barrel of joke

coated with gold and diamonds intended to hoax

a jagged truth that you can’t deny

no matter how hard you try

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