2002 Poetry

how long have I known someone like you?

long enough for me to see the person in you

your opinions are spoken in a way no other can

they are so right giving ease to my pain

your ears that can endure all my gripes and fear

listening without sarcasm, malice and prejudice  

you’re a friend who is there when I needed one

your smile is sweet and very demonstrative

conveying embraces of affection to a grief

like a flowing water down the stream

your fragrance clings perfectly it seems

you’re funny, witty and amusingly sexy

i wonder why the hell you are still unmarried

the beauty in you only a few would know

i am lucky to be among the few I know

your distinctive style that can freeze a smile

i feel in you the sincerity across the mile

i hope forever and always you’ll stay behind

that even if i jerk and annoy you at times

you’d still pop around and greet me with a fat hi

that even if my computer is down

or even if I am not or can’t be around

remember that our friendship is too profound

that no amount of distance, time and space

can make us separate or ruin what we have

you're always thought with so much enthusiasm

i hope what we have would last and stay around

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for an online friend VRMirage

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He's one in a million. :o) And I love him!