2002 Poetry


as though it was only yesterday

you were playing with frolic and gusto

together with your friends and playmates

in the meadow unruffled and uncaring

you stumbled to etch a memento

as though it was only last night

you were looking up the sky

so amazed of the twilight

totting up the stars that flicker

as though it was only this morning

typically zipping your decaffeinated coffee

heeding the morning breeze singing the beauty

of another day invigorating you interminably

those where the days of infinity and grace

of hallucination swinging like a pink lace

time has changed and so does your face

your looks, your manner, your bearing

your styles; in a wink of an eye they

all make you carp, whine and sigh

the pressure, the trouble, and all

the pandemonium that go with

the time glued to your face

unconcerned to run away

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Amanda Rodgers's picture

Youth, it's a great thing. I am still a teenager, but I've aged too soon. *Sighs* I wish I could return to my old careless self. This is beautifully written.