2002 Poetry


dwarfed by undue comparison

the feeling of being thrown to the dungeon

to undergo mental seclusion

the treatments you get are far beyond to what they have

you look around and can differentiate the better from best

since when did you last receive a part of their best?

when was the last time you heard their praise

all the eulogies spurting to your siblings

nothing seems wrong, perfect they all dub them

what  are you then? Nobody but another breathing member of the family


you sit in one corner as though you aren’t a kin

they call on them when food is served to be eaten

can’t go first you all have to wait for her or him

how many are you again in the family?

in sigh you replied, my mom my dad my two siblings and me

stuck in the middle, maybe a consolation for my folks

when my two siblings are away for a grand splurge

sometimes you wonder if you're truly a progeny

or an adopted one from a close pal or acquaintance

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is where sibling rivalry begins

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