2002 Poetry

i don’t understand why i want to be hit

by someone who also pee on standing basis

when I am supposed to get attracted to the opposite

peculiar as it is i find myself in real deep fix

it all started one day when i saw a lipstick

cute color of pink drew me unto my lips

it matched so beautifully giving it life

like a rose bud in the garden of may

i posed and danced a lot in front of a mirror

as if i am to portray a queen in a castle play

laces and feathers delimited my sleek neck

clips and huts craftily fastened on my hair

i used to saunter through my tiptoes

stretched my leg high up on my head

i bopped and bopped like a true ballerina

my hip was so soft billowing in the marina

i am a he in the morning and a she in the evening

hiding in the thickness of my lipstick and make-up

the high heels i wore always putting me to imbalance

always on the look out avoiding myself to be identified

as the hands of time continues to turn around

I couldn’t make known this odd thing of mine

a transformation only close friends know about

so afraid of rebuff that had been my companion

it is not always easy to forever hide the real me

all that is me are in my closet, cosseted carefully

maybe God must have had a confusion on me

for what He really meant was probably a pretty she

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To all the gays in the world, this one is for you. I don't recall having dull and lonely moments with you.

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Manju Kiriyan's picture

is that what it really feels like?

Fraser Bloose's picture

It seems that the subject of this poem is more confused than God (LOL)