2002 Poetry

arduous things are attainable in life

once you know how to guillotine the upright

everything would be plain and right

through a politic-bite

it is everywhere you go and turn:

it is in the solemn altar of the cathedral

those seeming to be holy clad in chastity

standing neatly before me chanting their homely

it is in the most rowdy house of the rulers

taxing you and me to their raucous policy

feigning they are there as mediators

but they live in extravagance obtained

from our purse through collected taxes

it is in the house of the learning children

spear headed by the so-called educators

picking whom to give rewards and honors

on the merit of what the parents can offer

it is in the tight social corporate world

where bases for promotion and raise

are not actually by the honest-to-goodness

performance but by who is close to whom

life's full of it and all sorts of bullshits

politics is one of it, a classy and easy tactic

to push one down to the limit

Author's Notes/Comments: 

so have a bite...

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