2002 Poetry

Deep penetrating silence

Casting shadows of serenity

In this deafening instance

They sing a lonely hymn

That sounded more of a sigh

While they usher you to

A solitary journey

They cried out their lungs

Begging for their shortcomings

But who was there to hear it

To nod or frown or grin

To signify they are noticed

Forgiven and everything

Futile indeed but who was

To be blamed for all this

The song you often sang

Now gathering a deeper meaning

As they listened to it gently

Every word has a profundity

Carrying with it were your previous

Unnoticed howling of your soul

Too late for them to take a hint

A glimpse of you for the last time

As they laid you down to bade goodbye

To your abode that was as cold as snow

They dashed at your casket

Feeling empty and sorry

Throwing petals of roses

Embracing the cold you

Now finally you’re taking a solo trip

Finally you found joy and ease

You’ve surpassed the biting reality

Off this muddled and melancholy orb

Your journey may be extreme and tiring

Yet that is the sweetest of all journey

That you will relish once you’re there

Have a pleasant journey

Reserve me a seat once you get there

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Hayles Comet's picture

Very beautiful words.
Love the ending.