2002 Poetry

posing for a cover of a magazine

captivating grin making a great living

garbed with the most comfy clothing

a texture of silk and satin to lights glowing

mix with hues of red, pink and green

with silver lining sparkling and illuminating

a lifestyle often conceived as just a whim

glamorous indeed that many have envied

lips pouting as though pointing on something

sometimes a smile sometimes a puckered brow

bare legs spreading like a flying bird’s wings

elbows and knees are in step towards perfection

but after the poses, after an hour of brisk

she will sculpt afresh for the next piece

masked with similar indefatigable chic

along with the rest of her kind

she is all set to strike another pose

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serene's picture

Thank you, but I'm damned sure you're talking about me, Lol.