2002 Poetry

on my bed are

the secrets I kept

the sweet sound

of my snores

turn laughter

when I am up

on my bed is

my naked body

lying like a baby

innocent gestures

thant couldn’t be me

when I’m wide awake

on my bed are

the dreams that I have

unfounded, unfulfilled yet

the more I dream of them

the more I want to go to sleep

deeply and carefree

on my bed are…oh

what are on my bed?

better check it out

so you would know

that I'm in my best

when I'm at rest

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Barbara Smethurst's picture

Oh Lola On My Bed is truly magnificent, I kept reading it over and over. I see you are quite notorious, not like me a novice. I have always loved words since early childhood - probably why I enjoy silly on-line games like Scrabble. I also love to read, and after reading On My Bed I will go through all your poetry.
Thanks for the comment on my poem, yes I wrestle and weave with sleep, and when I am on a high can surfice on an hour a night which charges me up for a full day. But I will repeat myself On My Bed was really exhillerating.
Thanks for the read.