2002 Poetry

deep inside

the creep abide

a lust in disguise

so difficult to analyze

a smile too bewitching

penetrating and crawling

no one can see it

they’re ensconced noiselessly

inside your revered whimsy

a pat on the shoulder

hoping to get a holder

ablaze to pump her zest

touches so full of request

imminently in behest

touches imbuing

a surge of lust so intense

you take your careful trip  

down to that bossom peak

gorging, swallowing, licking

to make her groan and sink

a sweet nectar from the gate

of down south

that you have longed ached

now having fulfillment and released

from your hardened feat

adrift raptures fills the room

unbridled acts amid two willing bodies

by and by you reached the sky

with eyes closed your tongue

managed to taste the grand prize

you made her see the stars

the planets and the galaxy

over and over you comsumed her  

igniting her with your sugary banter

you never let pass a thing to get her

a most willing prey, that is she

so blind so quick to giving in

your inveigles are  

a box of chocolates

they are but

sweet boxes of nothing

so savor the chance

while it is on your lap

no sooner will you have anough

and together with your

conquered lust

your luck wont find any much

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