2002 Poetry

Clad in an outfit

Ready to hit

Two-inch high heel

That fits her feet

Ready to kick

A day full of hip

Varying colors

Of advance cosmetics

Giving her more powers

To mask the Achilles’ heel

Battling corporate politics

Patiently seizing

The best place there is

The lipstick she wore

In speaking in public

Uttering wisdom

Upon neighbors to heed

The color depends

To what mood she is in

Red for a challenge oration

Pink for a serene emotion

Eight hour of busy day

She manages to grin

Whatever hurt she feels

She tries to subdue it with grin

By a simple retouch of make-up

She’s again fresh and kicking

Exchanging greetings

Teasing everything

A forced happiness, never ending

Rhyming obstacles

Surveying gestures

Consenting to present needs

Of possible solutions

Overcastting shadows

To remedy some issues

But with fickle approach

Things to her aren’t that so easy

Sometimes a pacifist

Sometimes a bitch!

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Mike G Gaines's picture

wow wow wow what did we find here a very intellegent poem that is telling about the 21 century woman. and what did we do with it we picked up the guitar and what did we get a brilliant song hmm cool as hell if i might say those words. good work queen keep it up

Anna Hefele's picture

Hi Again: Thanks for the critique on Float Your Boat.. neat huh, so easy.

I could swear you knew me when writing this poem.. fits me to a tee. For many years I was 3 different personalities, Administrator, Mother and Woman. Many times I couldn't remember which role I was playing. One thing that certainly fit each roll was "the bitch". I definitely was 'that' in all three. Could not have succeeded without being "the bitch". Men love their 'little woman' to be "bitchy", but in the workplace they cannot cope when competing or challenged by "the bitch".

I love this poem... well done.

Huggs, Anna