2002 Poetry

I soak myself deeply

Turmoil into my sanity

I saw you standing near me

But misplaced too quickly

My eyes rummage everywhere

Chasing you and your smell

Many have dared me to hell

But it’s really hard to break they tell

I strolled and strolled inside and out

Trying to take that risky bound

A hopeless case amidst the crowd

Stuck and still looking at the clouds

To ask me what this is all about

A sigh would be as best as glee

Maybe someday when I know a way

I would gladly tell you my fairytale

Another day just slapped me away

Tomorrow is another fucking day

Whence o’ whence shall I go on this way

Maybe I will say someone someday!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just one of my many froths

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