2002 Poetry

I set all my worth

time for my nuggets to float

to make my own cenotaph

under the snout of the moots

eyes shall pay heed

i must be splinted

i must be quick

a break like this so rare

but it’s now at my lair

a probable heave

with a raise awaits

As I near the elegant plinth

my knees are in conflict

the right is enthusiastic

while the left’s taking a bit

pondering how to thread

carrying my sinking breath

I dressed for this occasion

words stuck on my condition

my mouth feeling the friction

i looked up to see their features

labyrinth between my pauses

gathered senses seemed to work

sympathetic to see me choke

Three hours that seemed forever

i thought it would never get over

it was the longest travel, I gather

thank God it is now all over

did i drain their sewer?

i don’t know , don’t ask me I’m a loser

maybe the memo would uncover

it says congratulations

you’re now the head of your Dept.

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What??? ::coughs::