2002 Poetry

beware of what the Lips can do

it is the one who whispers to a

lass’s ear, luring and flirting

trying to make her surrender

it promises bright tomorrow

it can pick up the stars and the moon

and sew them like a gold necklace to offer

it can gather rain, lightning and thunder

it speaks of sweet measly murmurs

an irresistible bait sure to lure

it pronounces love when it means lust

and then when finally you gave in

when finally you returned his kiss

it will swiftly commute to gobbledygook

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Beware of flowery words

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serene's picture

As far as I know, I got kissable lips, Lol.

Fraser Bloose's picture

Never trust a moving mouth...LOL...Very good imagery. Also, your poem flows well..