2002 Poetry

your naked body

that he loves to see

moving apathetically

towards intimacy

his eyes savor

every inch

of your beauty

almost peeling you

to see inner anatomy

you dance gracefully

no step could be found unsightly

your moves drive him crazy

setting him to burning ecstasy

he lavish his eyes from

your head down to your sole

surveying every detail

of your essence

unmindlful of what

this brief madness

would cost him

his hands taking trips

on your well rounded hip

while the mundane yearning

in him needs a quick fulfilling

he shoves you closer

taking your breath

till you can no longer breathe

the beast in him is

widely awaken

wanting to be freed

he gorges you

like a soldier

fresh from a battle

the fleshly appetite

that he gets from you

fails him to remember

his duty to his family

all that he’s aware of

is this imminent lunacy

every pounding

carries him to

a pro tem glory

the kind of glory

that he gets from

your sensual body

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Ohhhhhhhh yeaahhh. You got it down. =O)) Good work!
A vivid imagination indeed.

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