MRS. BARREN--Short Story

2002 Poetry

unthinkable but could be true

let’s make up a story

the kind you’d pick a lesson or two

you envy her kind of living

resent the day when it could have been

you relishing the days of great standing

Mrs. Barren has a hubby; wealthy and trendy

she has been to many places, far and wide

that only the opulence can afford to bite

she has visited almost half of the universe

she wears nothing but signature dresses

her feet are clad with emeralds and pearls

her chuckles echoing off the heavenly top

seizing your ear only to make you feel sick

yes! you envy her and sees your husband

as an impotent, no good for nothing one

and  a failing father to your two daughters

just a construction worker who gets home

flat broke, unsightly, filthy and smelly

you whine over your two daughters

they’re occupying your time to the utmost

can’t even face a mirror to check your exterior

three weeks later a news surprised you

her husband divorced Mrs. Barren

for several years now she hide it in her closet

didn’t tell her husband for she knew this will happen

but hey! wait a little more, that wasn’t the shock of all

the ensuing week is more than you can ever imagine

Mrs. Barren was found lifeless in the master’s bedroom

she left a memo for her ex-husband divulging it all

“if only there’s someone whom I can trade all my

wealth and possessions for that one darling angel

then maybe you wouldn’t have to leave me

for a fertile land to sow your precious seed”

it was all of a sudden you had a twitch

something you miss is now at your grip

you now see your husband as a charming prince

and your two daughters your sweet cherubim

and as you embrace them very tightly

previous thought make you feel so guilty

so money, fame and looks couldn’t be everything

as here you are with your beautiful family

one precious possession you wouldn’t dare to trade

even for a well of fortune and fame

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Christina Veala's picture

Lola this is truly beautiful, and it expresses human nature in its most heartbreaking form: when we are envious, we tend to de-value those around us that mean a lot in a sense. Great style of writing, VERY unique. You are a truly gifted poet. Keep up the great work. I'm off to read some more of your poetry. Wow, that was an awesome poem. Sorry, I know I'm rambling. Well anyhow, take care, and maybe consider getting something published.

Christina Veala