the angle from which he views
to me is so bourgeois
otherworldly temptations
may flap their wide woman loving wings
to fly away to other far horizons
yet, in the shadow of his
masculine stance
a near magical tone his voice
takes on
supreme romantic translator
my heart has all too acutely
eager receiver to the gift of
his love
why possibly even
gradual surveyor to all his
better points there of
a roughly whispering Romeo
the warmth of his words
to my heart's ear he has betrothed
and I, in all my lines of poetry
bloom to be
none other than
his parchment 'Paper Juliet'........
(Aug. 18, 2014 735am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I had this idea for this poem but it kept staying stuck and then I heard some local band's name was Paper Juliet and I loved that and that seemed to be the key I needed to pick up to finish this sticky poem.  So alas, here it is! ao READ IT!

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