shall we now
let's examine famine
brought on by lawlessness
gone unchecked
by the break down or non
existence of required social
due to wide swaths of poverty
ever furiously widening
predicting the brutality of some
while guaranteeing the serious
stirring of indiscriminate  civil war
blossoming like a nasty bruise
brought on by those who would
choke humanity to lord over
their crumbling degradation
delivering such blows to the
side lined masses
the hungry grabbing hands of the
far too many in dire need
such clawing for the so few
resources available
leaves scratch marks on the psyche
and shifts a society's once honest
day to day
to a bedraggled pattern of survival
for the fittest
ill fitting and uncomfortable
war lords and militias form
to pocket crops and illegal enterprise
that have formed like foul webbing
to fill in the gaps of a failing economy
weaponized thugs roam the streets
terrorizing those who have the misfortune
to come in contact with them
as such soulless thieves
take whatever they want
chaos at its worst
the lacking infrastructure stands shakily
in the wake of the many human disasters
still yet to come
crisis cavities in pockets
never doctored properly
never healed
metastasizing into anarchy
at its ugliest levels
education, the return of institutions
and resources
the 'Bedrock & Bridge'
for a more prosperous healing
and gradually normalized society
doing what a true society does
that of benefiting its citizens...............
(Aug.16, 2014 707pm)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sad but common views of war torn countries struggling to break free of the yoke the crimminal element has placed upon their struggling citizens.

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