just as I was growing fond
with unchecked admiration
a terrible turn took place
two people wholly miscommunicating
then quite unexpectedly hearts did bleed
in one crushing blow
the beloved journey came to a stand still
the distance we had so beautifully
for each other lassoed
grew back to its normal width
and in the coldness came a clogging
sadly your voice will slowly fade
in my head
til I'm left with nothing more than
the memory of your flirting wink
and tender smile
no laughter again to my ears will
such lovely sound be wed
even though you have put an end
to a breathtaking tour shared
still, I must thank you for the
sides of yourself that you showed
me with such selfless pride
sad as this moment is to live through
know that I thank you for the duration
that you chose to be my guide
no more now shall I bother you
with my undesired presence
but to say with the fondest voice
that I have left in me,
(Aug. 14, 2014 934am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was very moved last night a good friend of mine called and confessed her sadness over a broken relationship. I was content to sit and listen to her reveal to me every tiny detail and I did so to the point where I knew I could easily write in first person a poem about her ordeal. This poem came shortly after the phone call. I felt her sadness so profoundly as if it were my own. I think my heart bled a little too for her and her lost love. This poem is the end result of that transcendence of sorts.

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