the only thing in this conflict
that seems even remotely clear
is the confusion
with two opposing sides
defending to the death their
religious claims and points
of view
at the destruction and devastation
of thousands of innocent
civilian Arabs and Jews
who but God then can we turn to
so many want to choose sides
both are wrong in my point of view
I stand neutral and quite disgusted though
that two sets of peoples
can't come to some peaceful
means to live and work
side by side in some collectively
productive manner of cooperative attitudes
it's so easy to hate and misunderstand
only capable of seeing your own side
to things
so many treat others as they themselves
would not like to be treated
going against a really good Christian
'do unto others as you would have done
unto you'
the Bible for tells of the centuries of slaughter
between the promised land divided and claimed
by two
it is unsurprising but still hard to have to
bear witness to
even from halfway across the globe as I am
it is heartbreaking the narrow mindedness
of both opposing groups
how would they each feel if in the others' shoes
oh but to have two leaders of wide minded
insight to lead their peoples out of such
an ever constant murderous trend
though I seriously doubt that I'll ever see it
in my own lifetime
still every day during relative peace time and or war
I pray for such corrosive hatreds and mistrust on both
sides to end..............
(July 31, 2014 737pm)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My disgust with the Israeli/Palestinian conflict................

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