as glorious as he was to listen to

Glenn Miller represented for our country

so much more than many realized

he was better than the moniker of that of

a mere jazz icon

he was not only a famous clarinetist but

a patriot

a humanitarian

and unbeknownst to many

a drafted spy by the US government

he risked his life as he entertained the troops

he was a hero to his era

and an unforgettable life force in the music

industry of his day

he was mysteriously lost during the war

M.I.A. and presumed dead

but blessedly his music and his legend live on

via our history books, films and his vast library of

musical recordings

with far too few knowing the full extent of his war time


and the risks his actions placed upon his own mortality

'unsung' comes to immediate mind every time I think of

the great Glenn Miller

America owes a modicum of her victory in the second world

war to this man's great selfless sacrifice for God and country

I'm certain somewhere in heaven Glenn taps his foot ever so

happily to the perfect beat of his most famous song

In The Mood....................

(April 5, 2014 844am)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I, out of the blue got to thinking about an old biography I watched on television about the late great musician Glenn Miller and this poem filtered through.

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