with head solemnly bent

ears tuned in thus so

I listen to your well thought out suggestions

for careful consolidation of our two lives

ere your practical arrangement

judiciously described 

the beauty of your deep somber voice

as you speak to me in slow, purposeful tones

so cleanly laying out your well administered thoughts

arranging them before me upon the table of your mind

how generously wise you've become

allowing me to see their deep consideration

and meticulous preparation upon which you

built such ideas' foundation

I am moved and honored by your quiet humility

yet simultaneously quite taken aback by the underlying

implications of what such union could mean

as braced and embraced as I feel

please know that this moment is far from lost

upon me

you will have my well pondered over answer

'Indeed Tomorrow'.....................

(April 3, 2014 326am)



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Every since I heard Sting sing this new song of his from his latest album 'The Last Ship' I have been enamored of it and wanted to get that cd. Now that I have it I listen to 'Practical Arrangement' so often. Then I decided to reply to his song's request as if I were the woman he was coming to to offer this rearrangement. Was wonderful to step into that realm of imagination and ponder the words I would make for my reply to his well thought out practical arrangement. Anyway, enjoy and be sure to go to you tube if you have not heard his song and give it a listen it is simply divine. The deep timber of his voice as he slowly sings it is just shiveringly good.

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