your fingers tracing my skin

those hands trained to heal
yet upon me, made for sin
so magnificent and breathless
leaving touch to tingle in us both
two fold
sweet madness tangled up in desire
drowning deep within
an impossible fire
you are passion
I am release
together we become a fuel
that propels a fantastic inner peace
even clothed I see you bare
all breath, male beauty and nudity
lost in your own thoughts as you often are
you have no idea what you do to me
lush lapping pictures of our sweet bodies
yet so much more than merely that
deeply shared and respected intimacy
that heavenly place
momentarily missing gravity
within your arms
my body leaves me
'A Sensuous Affliction'
without any wanted cure..........
(March 5, 2014 535am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for the lovely R.G.M.

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