bright summer thoughts
sit atop my bedazzled brain
as illogical as all this may seem
you have become my one pure
with such tender cerebral illumination
and in near perfect synchronization 
so with a flourish of determination
know that I choose to step fully into
this vortex of communication
in my heart we have become
'The Sweet Unknowable'
quiet me if you feel I am speaking
the wrong words at this time
but this innocent realization is tirelessly
in the forefront of my mind
in layman's terms allow me to say
I want you, I truly want you
I wish to be wanted by you
I want to fall in love with you
I want the right to have a life with you
best of all I want you to fall in love with me
and I don't believe I'll be happy until
all these professed matters fall gently into
if these mentioned wishes of mine that I've
laid out before you are something you find
off putting in anyway
then please, I beg of you
be so kind to me now if you can
and from me just walk swiftly away.............

(March 4, 2014 550am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written most happily for the so adored R. G. M

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