so sweetly captivated

the aura of your allure

has subtly made me

know that I am a woman

after your cake

no icing need ever be offered

knight of my nights

you trample me not

but build me up

to an over flowing bouquet

of butter cups

before you, I bloom

amid the moments we have shared

such depth of feeling only further


you are my food

and I your libation

we are a world solely unto ourselves

should you slip away

a void that before was not there

shall so like a bruise appear

upon the surface of my heart

and as Edward prophesized to Jane

such string of communion

were it to be plucked

I fear would take to bleeding inwardly

ours is a story of interaction

alike energies shamelessly combining

to generate such sweet recognition

a cauldron of great possibilities

stirs to be realized

one man, one woman,

a couple of most memorable moments

melded themselves together to make

a very new we, mature into a most

cherished us

so dare never spare me

but live to commemorate

the tender exultation of

'Love's Own Timeless Blindness'.............

(March 3, 2014 515 am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for the oh so very dear and deserving R.G.M.


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