what began as a pleasant enough exchange

between two motivated people

has morphed itself into something quite


I hear the voice behind your words

and sense the feelings deep inside

that permeate the thoughts 

why, there is much personality

even in the decidedly perverse 

as we are our best angels when


but giddily they laugh loudest when

at their worst 

this man/woman dance is just the

beginning my dear man

and man you indeed are

therein lies the creditability layered

between our individual hopes verses

the reality of the divided universe we

find ourselves in

our free will is the very spring board

we each shall choose to make use of

or allow a possible moment to pass

without even a ripple across the lake

of compatibility

the serious in this case

all but wears the mask of the cavalier

and this is but one out of many doorways

we must navigate

to find a path suitable to step upon

freely and without fear..................

(March 1, 2014 5am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for Craig Paul.


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