chasm chasm

cease to pause

do not linger

meander on

march your tinker's tracks

backwards through

love's unexpected thaw

caterpillar suddenly

my once blossoming butterfly

has become

kismet knifed herself

in the heart

and the coldness seeped in

the darkness stops

to attempt to sketch

the supposed loss

he sees with eyes that

do not shine so full of progress

let alone prosperity

my parallel love won't you

reassess your actions

and conclude the most obvious flaw

we've physically parted

but with our temporary separation

so very much mayhem

you have carelessly installed

bring back to me my daring 'October Lover'

send packing this counterfeit

who has been so cruelly parading himself about

as the latest incarnation of you

as I'm not a fan of this him and I'd give anything

to have back my so very authentic you.................

(Dec 7, 2013 235am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Having trouble decyphering the many facets of the man I love..............

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